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Luojia Forum on Environmental Law No. 15

Luojia Forum on Environmental Law No. 15

International Workshop on Environmental Law and Economics:

How to Govern the Commons?

Room 325, School of Law

Thursday 19 October 2017

9:00—9:20 Opening (Chair: LIU Jing)

FENG Guo, Dean, School of Law, Wuhan University

KE Jian, Deputy Director, the Research Institute of Environmental Law, Wuhan University

Michael FAURE, Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam

Session 1: Environmental Regulation, Welfare and Innovation (Chair: ZHANG Junjie)

9:20-9:40  SONG Guojun  (Renmin University)

Evaluation of Health Loss from PM 2.5 in JingJinJi Area

9:40-10:00  LI Qian (Sun Yat-sen University)

Using Subjective Indicators to Assess the Impacts of Coal Mining on Well-being of Host Communities

10:00-10:20  LI Xuesong (Wuhan University)

A Study on the Relationships between Environmental Regulation and Green Innovation Efficiency

10:20-10:50 General Discussion

10:50-11:00 Break

Session 2: The Limits of Deterrence-based Environmental Enforcement (Chair: KE Jian)

11:00-11:20  HE Xiangbai (Suzhou University)

Deterrence-based Environment Enforcement: Does it Work as Supposed?

11:20-11:40  ZHENG Yafang (Hubei University of Economics)

To Promote Positive Compliance: Studies on the New Environmental Enforcement Approach based on Increasing Benefits from Compliance

11:40-12:00  General Discussion

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session 3: Setting Environmental Standards (Chair: QI Jiangang)

14:30-14:50  Lawrence WATTERS (Wuhan University)

Arctic Governance and the Challenge of Enforcement of Environmental Standards

14:50-15:10  ZHANG Junjie (Duke Kunshan University/ Duke University)

Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis in China’s Water Pollution Law

15:10-15:40  General Discussion

15:40-16:00 Break

Session 4: From Government to Governance  (Chair: Michael FAURE)

16:00—16:20  Peter MASCINI (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Governing Negative Externalities of Economic Activities: From Government to Governance

16:20-16:40  QIU Li (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics)

How Voluntary Action Network Contributes to the Governance of the Commons?

16:40-17:00  LV Mengxing (China University of Political Science and Law)

The Role of Corporations in Addressing China’s Environmental Challenges: A Law and Economic Analysis of Corporate Environmental Responsibility

17:00—17:45 General Discussion

17:45 Dinner

Saturday 21 October 2017

Session 5: Private Law Approach: Property Rights (Chair: Alexander ZAHAR)

9:00-9:20  Ian HANNAM (University of New England)

Governance of Pastoral Lands

9:20-9:40  Michael FAURE (Maastricht University), LIU Jing(Wuhan University), Peter MASCINI (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Private Certification Matters, also for the Protection of Property Rights: the Case of Fisheries

9:40-10:00  General Discussion

10:00-10:15 Break

Session 6:  Private Law Approach: Tort and Contract (Chair: Ben BOER)

10:15—10:35  HU Tao (World Wildlife Fund)

Managing Water Quality of Rivers based on Tort Law of China

10:35—10:55  HU Weiqiang (Ocean University of China)

The Limits of Strict Liability Rule in Environmental Torts  

10:55—11:15  ZHU Jinshan (Potsdam University)

Contractual Law and Economic Analysis of Ecuador Yasuni ITT Trust Fund

11:15-11:45  General Discussion

11:45-12:00  Closing (Chair: Alexander ZAHAR)


LIU Jing

12:30—— Lunch