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Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law No. 58


An Economic Approach to

Environmental Law and Policy

Michael Faure

Title: An Economic Approach to Environmental Law and Policy (环境法律政策经济分析)

Speaker: Professor Michael Faure, Maastricht University/Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Moderator: Liu Jing, Associate Professor, RIEL, Wuhan University

Discussant: Prof. Alexander Zahar, RIEL, Wuhan University

Time: 14:00-15:00; 16 October, 2017 (Monday)

Venue: Room 325, Law School Building

Participants: All staff and students of the RIEL



Michael Faure is the Professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law, Maastricht University and Professor of Comparative Private Law and Economics in Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also the Academic Director of the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO), Maastricht University and the Academic Director of the Ius Commune Research School.

Michael Faure’s core research is focused on environmental law and more particularly international environmental law and environmental criminal law. Research is also carried out from an economic analysis of law and more particularly accident law. Typically, the research is of a legal comparative or a legal economic nature and sometimes involves the international treaties in the research. The research often focuseson specific environmental problems such as sea water pollution by oil ornuclear accidents. In addition, research is also carried out on a broader level regarding diverse themes in the economic analysis of law (such as insurance, financial crisis, deposit guarantee system) and attention is also paid to theway in which legal rules influence people’s behaviour.

Selected Publications

Faure,M. & Partain, R. A. (2017).Carbon capture and storage: Efficient legal policies for risk governance and compensation. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Faure,M.(2017). The revolution in environmental criminal law in Europe. Virginia Environmental Law Journal, 35, 321-356.

Faure,M. (Ed.) (2017). Civil liability and financial security for offshore oil andgas activities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Faure,M. Visscher, L. T., & Weber, F. (2016). Liability for unknown risks: A lawand economics perspective. Journal of European Tort Law, 7(2), 198-228.

Faure,M.G., & Weber, F. (2015). Potential and limits of out-of-court rapid claims settlement——a law and economics analysis. Journal of Environmental Law,1-26.

Faure,M. G., & Peeters, M. G. W. M. (2011). Climate Change Liability. (New Horizons in Environmental and Energy Law). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.