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Prof. Zhou Ke Talked about Environmental Justice

Strengthening environmental judicial work is an inevitable requirement to promote the construction of ecological civilization. Therefore, RIEL specially invited Prof. Zhou Ke, a senior scholar of environmental law from Renmin University of China, to ninety-second Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law and give a lecture on “Green justice in the context of ecological civilization”. This lecture was held in classroom 325 of the law school on the evening of May 28, 2019. Prof. Qin Tianbao, Prof. Ke Jian, Dr. Hu Bin and Prof. Chen Weichun attended this lecture.


At the beginning, Prof. Zhou firstly sorted out the historical development of environmental justice and defined its field. And then he systematically analyzed the initiative of environmental justice with environmental law cases. Afterwards, he used the first “toxic runway” case in China as the entry point and further elaborated the legal competition in the environmental judicial trial.


At the end of lecture, Prof. Qin made a brief summary and comments on the lecture content. He pointed out that Prof. Zhou’s lecture outlined the environmental judicial system from the perspective of historical logic and put forward many new propositions worthy of further consideration. Prof. Ke mentioned that the Chinese pattern of environmental justice has already taken shape and will become a new interest point of environmental law in the future.