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Vice President Li Fei Investigated RIEL’s Works on International Exchange and Cooperation

On the afternoon of May 17, 2019, Vice President Li Fei led the leaders of relevant functional departments like international exchange department and financial department to RIEL and held a symposium on international exchange and cooperation. Prof. Sun Deyuan, Prof. Qin Tianbao and other teachers from RIEL attended this symposium.


This symposium was presided over by Vice President Li Fei. The symposium was to understand the international exchanges and cooperation of RIEL. Through feedback from different research unit, Wuhan University aims at promoting high-level international cooperation. Prof. Qin TIanbao gave a report on the development, achievement and existing problems of international exchanges and cooperation in RIEL. He mentioned that RIEL has achieved fruitful results in international exchanges and cooperation in the last 30 years with the support of Wuhan University and the joint efforts of all colleagues. For example, the internationalization of team composition in RIEL, high proportion of foreign teachers, international exchange projects with high quality, etc.


Leaders from each functional departments also responded to the obstacles RIEL are facing now. They are promised to try their best to solve relating problems. Vice President Li Fei also expressed the positive attitude towards the work RIEL has done and its future development.