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Quzhou Procuratorate Delegation Visited RIEL

On May 9, 2019, Ye Weizhong, procurator-general, He Chenglin, deputy procurator-general, and other five governmental officials visited RIEL. This procuratorate delegation held a discussion with RIEL on university-procuratorate cooperation and the role of procuratorate in the construction of national park. Prof. Feng Guo, dean of law school of Wuhan University, Prof. Huang Li, Prof. Qin Tianbao and other teachers from RIEL also attended this discussion.


The discussion was presided over by Prof. Qin Tianbao, director of RIEL. At the beginning, Prof. Feng Guo warmly welcomed the delegation from Quzhou and briefly introduced law school. He mentioned that the law school of Wuhan University always pays great attention to the combination of theory and practice. The ways of cooperation between university and procuratorate are diversified, including mutual employment, training, internship and academic research. This kind of cooperation would not only strengthen the practical cognition of teachers and students from law school, but also inject new vitality into the high-level law research in the new era.


Ye Weizhong, procurator-general from Quzhou, thanked the RIEL and law school for the warm reception. He mentioned the current problems procuratorial organs are facing, such as the application for theoretical projects, the publish of academic papers, etc. The cooperation between the two sides would further enhance the legal theoretical foundation of procuratorial organs.


Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the characteristics of the pilot construction of national parks system and the role of procuratorial organs in the construction. Combining with his own experience, associate professor Li Guangbing put forward many constructive suggestions on how to further promote the cooperation.


It is reported that Zhejiang procuratorate has signed cooperation agreements with law schools from 17 universities in 2018, including Wuhan University. Besides, it employed 13 legal experts to work in procuratorates in Zhejiang province for one year. Associate professor Li Guangbing from RIEL also work as a deputy procurator-general (temporary) in Quzhou.