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Prof. Qin Tianbao Visited the University of Adelaide in Australia

Recently, Prof. Qin Tianbao, director of RIEL, visited the University of Adelaide in Australia. This visit has expanded the scope of cooperation between Australian universities and RIEL, and further enhanced the popularity and influence of RIEL in Australia.


At the invitation of Dr. Liu Nengzhi, senior researcher of RIEL and senior lecturer at the law school in the University of Adelaide, Prof. Qin Tianbao held talks with Prof. Robert Hill, director of Environment Institute, and Prof. Paul Babie, associate dean of international affairs. Prof. Qin briefly introduced RIEL, including its history, teaching and research, talent training, political consultation and international cooperation.


The two sides discussed joint projects on property rights, environmental protection, land-use planning, biodiversity and climate change. Besides, the mutual visits of teachers and students from both sides are also discussed.


During his stay in Adelaide, Prof. Qin gave an academic report on “China and the Convention on Biological Diversity”. He introduced the change of China’s position on the Convention on Biological Diversity, the causes and following opportunities and challenges. On the topic of “the recent development of environmental law in China”, Prof. Qin shared the progress and difficulties of environmental legislation, law enforcement and justice under the ecological civilization in China. Prof. Qin had a positive interaction with participants. He answered their questions, responded to their concerns and clarified some misunderstanding towards One Belt and One Road Initiative.


During his visit, Prof. Qin visited the Department of Environment and Water and discussed with government officials. Prof. Qin also paid a special visit to an old friend of RIEL, Prof. Rob Fowler, whom is former chairman of IUCN law school and senior professor of the University of South Australia.


It is reported that the University of Adelaide, with over 140 years of teaching experience, is one of Australia’s oldest and most progressive universities. Since its establishment in 1874, this university has been renowned for its outstanding teaching and academic research.