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RIEL Sets Up A Southern Base

On September 20, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of the southern base of RIEL, a national key research institute of the humanities and social sciences , and the research center for the rule of law in ecological civilization of Hainan University was held in Hainan University.

The unveiling ceremony was chaired by Prof. Wang Qi, dean of the law school of Hainan University. Prof. Ye Yingping, party secretary of law school of Hainan University, read the file about the foundation of the research center for the rule of law in ecological civilization of Hainan University (as the southern base of RIEL). Prof. Wang Qi was appointed as the center director, Prof. Qin Tianbao as the director of the academic committee, Prof. Ning Qingtong and Prof. Wang Xiuwei as the deputy director and associate Prof. Ren Hongtao as the general secretary.

Ma Shujie, deputy director of the institution of humanities and social sciences of Wuhan University, delivered a speech on behalf of Wuhan University. She pointed out that, with national policy support, unique geographical advantages and good background of cooperation between the two universities, the successful establishment and future operation of the center will also promote the continuous expansion and deepening of cooperation between the two universities. Prof. Liu Liang, executive vice president of the institute of philosophy and social science of Hainan University, offered his hearty congratulations on the establishment of the center. Prof. Qin Tianbao also pointed out that the establishment of the southern base of RIEL will not only serve the construction of first-class discipline of law in Hainan University, but also consolidate and expand the influence of RIEL at home and abroad. Prof. Cai Shouqiu, the former director of RIEL, hoped that the center would be put into work as soon as possible after its establishment, produce high-quality results and contribute to the construction of national and local ecological civilization system. Ji Gang, director of policy and regulation department of Hainan ecological protect environment department, introduced the latest progress of the national ecological civilization experimental zone and the current situation and problems of environmental protection in Hainan. Qu Yongsheng, president of the environmental resources court of Hainan high people’s court, introduced the environmental resources trial work and analyzed the major issues in the legislation and judicial interpretation of existing environmental resources.

After the ceremony, Prof. Cai Shouqiu, Prof. Qin Tianbao, Prof. Ke Jian, Prof. Li Guangbing, Prof. Wang Xiuwei were invited to give thematic speech. And participants are discussed the green principles of the civil code, the development path of environmental law, the research character of environmental law and major issues of institutional innovation of ecological civilization in Hainan.