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Prof. Huang Mingjian and Prof. Chen Haisong Talk about the Research on Environmental Policy Instruments in the New Era

On the morning of September 16, 2018, the seventy-sixth Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law was held on classroom 325. Prof. Huang Mingjian from Macau University of Science and Technology and Prof. Chen Haisong from Central South University were invited to give a lecture named “Research on environmental policy instruments in the new era”.

This lecture was chaired by PhD student Zhu Rui from Chongqing University and PhD student Dong Bin from RIEL. Prof. Qin Tianbao, Prof. Ke Jian, Prof. Li Guangbing, associate Prof. Luo Ji. Prof. Wu Weixing and nearly 80 PhD and master students from different universities attended this lecture.

At the beginning, Prof. Huang Mingjian has provided several suggestions on how to be a qualified PhD students. And then Prof. Chen Haisong gave a report named “Political parties in China’s environmental law”. Based on the increasingly important role of political parties in environmental law since the 18th national congress of CPC, Prof. Chen believes that it is necessary to do some research on the political parties in environmental law from the perspective of empirical facts.

Afterwards, Prof. Qin Tianbao and Prof. Li Guangbing summarized and commented on the content of the lecture. Prof. Qin presented the certificates to Prof. Huang Mingjian and Prof. Chen Haisong, and thanked them for providing a wonderful lecture. The lecture ended in a warm and relax atmosphere.