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Writer’s Workshop for Early-Career Environmental Law Scholars Was Held Successfully

On the morning of September 14, 2018, the Writer’s Workshop for Early-Career Environmental Law Scholars and the nineteenth Luojia Forum on Environmental Law was held in classroom 446 of law school. The objective of the workshop is to assist early- career environmental law scholars to publish a research article on environmental law in English in an international top-tier journal, which will promote the study of environmental law in China and enhance China’s international academic reputation in the field of environmental law.


Prof. Qin Tianbao, director of RIEL, delivered a welcome speech. He said that the purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for young scholars to publish papers in English journals and continue to learn and improve. RIEL will continue to host similar events in the future to contribute to the growth of young scholars.

The workshop is overseen by a committee consisting of Professors Ben Boer, Ke Jian, Alexander Zahar and Liu Jing, of RIEL, Prof. Benoit Mayer, of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Prof. Paulo Canelas de Castro, of University of Macau.

PhD Tu Yinan from China University of Geosciences, PhD Wang Jinpeng from Ocean University of China, PhD Wang Leifan from Tianjin University, PhD Xu Yixin from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, post doctorate Zhang Hao, PhD Zhang Qing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, PhD Lu Jingjing, Master student Chen Ting from RIEL attended this workshop. Tesssvan Geelen from Peking University, PhD Manon Simon and PhD Michael Addaney from RIEL also attended this workshop.

In July 2018, eight scholars submitted the first draft of their papers and made a round of overall revisions before the workshop. Participants of this workshop carefully read all papers, and the workshop conducted in the form of group evaluation and committee teacher guidance. The workshop lasted eight hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and each young scholars received advice on how to improve the paper for publication. The young scholars present at the conference have profited greatly. Members of the workshop committee also promised to continue to support young scholars in the future to help them publish excellent academic articles. This workshop ended in a warm atmosphere.

It is reported that the Luojia Forum on Environmental Law is a high-level academic platform organized by the Research Institute of Environmental Law. Its purpose is to enhance exchanges and communication among environmental lawyers both at home and abroad, aiming at promoting the development of environmental law in both theory and practice through conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, and so on.