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RIEL Held a Orientation Meeting for new Master and PhD students

On September 13, 2018, RIEL held the orientation meeting for the new master and PhD students. Prof. Qin Tianbao, Prof. Ke Jian, Dr. Hu Bin, Prof. Ben Boer, Prof. Alexander Zahar, Prof. Du Qun, Prof. Li Guangbing, Associate Prof. Luo Ji, Associate Prof. Wu Zhiliang, Assistant Prof. Liu Jing, Assistant Prof. Wu Yu and other faculty members all attended the orientation meeting. Excellent alumnus Mr. Zheng Dongping, 9 PhD students, 2 PhD students from other countries and 18 master students also attended the orientation meeting.

Prof. Luo Ji presided over the meeting and she introduced the faculty briefly. And then new master and PhD students introduced themselves one by one. Prof. Qin Tianbao delivered a welcome speech. Prof. Qin, on behalf of RIEL, welcomes new students and wishes them high hopes for future development. Subsequently, he gave a brief introduction to the development achieved in the past year in terms of administrative construction, teaching and training and academic research. He hoped that everyone would not forget the original intention of environmental law, make good use of the opportunities and platforms provided by RIEL and concentrate on learning.

Representatives of teachers also expressed their wishes to the students. Prof. Ben Boer hoped that students could study carefully, read widely and understand the problems faced by environmental law, and realize that environmental law is an important tool that can change individual behavior, organizational behavior, social behavior and government behavior. Prof. Alexander Zahar hoped that students could explore the research field they are interested, which would be an important and wonderful memory in life. Prof. Liu Jing hoped that students could make the best use of their three years and make proper life planning.

Deputy director Hu Bin introduced the daily activities and operation of RIEL. He pointed out that the features of RIEL are international and practical. At present, RIEL has two full-time foreign professors and 20 foreign teachers and each teacher in RIEL has been studying abroad for a long time. And a lot of courses in RIEL are taught in English. And RIEL also built a co-training project in energy law with Aberdeen University. Besides, RIEL also organizes students to attend environmental law moot court and invites judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, lawyers and NGO representatives to give lectures and provide practical help and guidance.


In the end, Prof. Qin Tianbao welcomed new students’ arrival again. The orientation meeting ended in a warm and happy atmosphere.