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Mr. Zheng Dongping back to RIEL, talks about “How to be a qualified lawyer”.

On the afternoon of September 13, 2018, the twenty-second RIEL Alumni Salon and seventy-third Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law was held in classroom 325 of the law school. This lecture was fortunate enough to invite RIEL 1983 master student Zheng Dongping who currently works as a partner of Zhonglun Law Firm. The theme of the lecture is “How to be a qualified lawyer”. This lecture was presided over by Prof. Qin Tianbao, director of RIEL. Prof. Ke Jian, prof. Li Guangbing, Prof. Luo Ji and RIEL students attended the lecture.

At the beginning, Prof. Qin Tianbao gave a brief introduction to the study and work experience of Mr. Zheng Dongping and he hoped participants can have a deeper understanding of the study of law and the practice of lawyers through this lecture.

First, Mr. Zheng Dongping expressed his gratitude to RIEL. He pointed out that the thinking mode of lawyers’ practice is different from academic research, but in both academic research and practical work, it is necessary to have good quality to achieve their expected goals. There is no doubt that the professional skills of a lawyer are important, but to be a good lawyer, one must first be a qualified person. Politeness, civilization, kindness, punctuality and honesty should be the basic principles of our behavior. Mr. Zheng Dongping said that he met many excellent young people in his work, but some of them lack basic politeness. What we need to do, he pointed out, is to pay attention to our own quality cultivation.

Afterwards, Prof. Li Guangbing once again express his welcome and thanks to Mr. Zheng Dongping, and summarized and commented on the content of the lecture. Prof. Ke Jian pointed out that the struggle for social class and the wolf culture is a kind of destruction of civilization, and the promotion of moral cultivation requires certain social atmosphere, social incentive mechanism and institutional guarantee measures. The understanding of the nature of society should be a prerequisite for the study of environmental law.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Qin Tianbao presented the certificate to Mr. Zheng Dongping, and thanked him for providing a wonderful lecture. The lecture ended in a warm and relax atmosphere.