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Master Students from RIEL Attended the Public Interest Law Seminar of the University of Hong Kong

The school of law of the university of Hong Kong held a public interest seminar from August 26 to 30 this year. Among more than 400 applicants, 40 people were selected to participate in the seminar, including master student Qi Ruona and Tian Xin from RIEL.

This seminar covers public interest theory part and practical part. The theoretical part includes lectures by scholars, guidance and analysis of legal issues, and current academic research and discussion of public interest law. The practical part includes providing exchange opportunities, visiting relevant legal bodies and government departments in Hong Kong, like Legislative Council and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

At the seminar, participants were mainly taught by experts, scholars and practitioners of public interest law in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The course covers the situation and development of public interest law in Taiwan and Hong Kong; the status, development, challenges and opportunities of public interest law in mainland China; the introduction and sharing of experience in public interest law.

During the study and communication in these days, participants saw the plight and persistence of criminal defense lawyers, and further studied the anti-domestic violence law and the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. At the same time, they also have more understanding about the Hong Kong’s malicious prosecution and compensation system and multiplex sex litigation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This seminar not only broadened the horizon, but also deepen the understanding of public interest law. Master student Qi Ruona and Tian Xin both passed the examination and finished the course. Prof. Zhao Yun, head of the school of law of the university of Hong Kong, presents them with certificates.

Recently, RIEL has been strengthening the cultivation mode of “practicality and diversity”, attaching great importance to and actively supporting master students to participate in various practices and activities. The participation of master students in the public interest law seminar at the university of Hong Kong is another highlight of talent training of RIEL.