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The wuhan University team won the top four of the global competition of NILOS mock court of the law of the sea

From May 9 to May 13, 2022, the Netherlands Institute for the law of the sea (NILOS) Moot Court Competition was successfully held online. The team of Wuhan University broke through the siege, defeated the famous university that has always been strong in the competition, ranked among the top four and won the fourth place.The competition attracted many colleges and universities, including China, the Netherlands, Greece and other major countries in law of the sea education and scientific research. The participating teams were selected through various levels of domestic competitions or regional competitions on all continents, and finally entered the global international competition.As the champion of China, Wuhan University team participated in the global competition and competed fiercely with national teams. In addition to being among the top four, the Wuhan University team also won the global champion of the complainant's oral argument.Wuhan University won the global runner up in the total score of the complainant (complaint + oral defense), the third runner up in the oral defense of the respondent, the top ten oral defense players and other honors.