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Prof. Kevin B. Jones Talked about the Market and Regulatory Tools for Promoting the Renewable Energy Policies in US

On the afternoon of December 10, 2018, the eighty-second Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law was held in classroom 325 of law school. Prof. Kevin B.Jones gave a lecture on “How the Market and Regulation tools on Promoting Renewable Energy Policy in American”.

This lecture was hosted by Dr. Ke Jian. Associate Prof. Wu Zhiliang, Associate Prof. Lin Yanmei from Vermont Law School, Prof. Wang Qingjun from Central China Normal University, Mrs. Wang Xinxin, lawyer from ELCWU, and some PhD and master students from RIEL attended this lecture.

At the beginning of this lecture, Prof. Ke Jian introduced Prof. Jones briefly and hoped that students could have a deeper understanding of energy law through this lecture. Prof. Jones expressed gratitude for been invited to work in RIEL.


Prof. Jones started with the 1970 NEPA and gave a review of the American environmental law. And he expounded the legal framework of American energy regulation. He mentioned the U.S. constitution’s provisions on energy regulation and analyzed the function scope of FERC. At last, he introduced the policies aiming at promoting a green economy in U.S.


At the end of lecture, Prof. Ke Jian presented the certificate to Prof. Jones for providing a wonderful lecture. The eighty-second Luojia Lecture Series on Environmental Law ended in a warm and relax atmosphere.